How to read a UN Location Code – Update

Hi all, further to my previous post on How to read a UN Location Code, to view the full list of ports/locations in each country, please visit and bookmark below website.. Hope it helps..

Best articles of Shipping in South Africa

Hey all.. I thought it would be good idea to recap on some of the best articles that i have written on this blog since 2008.. Of course, this is MY list of Top 10 articles of Shipping in South Africa.. If you like any other articles specifically, do share with a brief note on why you like that article.. … Read more here..

Documents required by shipping lines for release of cargo

All shipping lines require certain documents prior to the shipment being released for imports or bill of lading being released for exports.. For normal containerised cargo release in south africa below docs are required.. Imports : Authorised SAD500 bearing the SARS stamp Authorised Cargo Dues Order bearing the Transnet stamp Original lines bill of lading (at least 1) if the … Read more here..

Article 3 – Export process

Have you read Article 1 and Article 2 of this shipping blog..?? Before we start with Article 3 which is the export process, lets look at some definitions/explanations : Shipper or Exporter : Companies that are authorised by Customs and Govt authorities to export cargoes from South Africa to various countries.. Place of Origin : A place from which a … Read more here..