Zim becomes the latest shipping line to enter the freight forwarding market

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ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. becomes the latest shipping line to enter the freight forwarding market following their announcement today of the creation of a new subsidiary, Ship4wd, a digital … Read more..

8 tips on how to reduce freight forwarding expenses

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If you use shipping services often, price may definitely be a very important factor for you. Especially if you own a business that includes regular shipments using freight forwarders. Customers … Read more..

How to avoid Fraudulent freight forwarders and their scams

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The activity of Freight Forwarding has been around for many years and there has been a recent resurgence of the forwarder especially in the form of a digital freight forwarder. … Read more..

What does it take to be profitable in Freight Forwarding

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Achieving and maintaining profitability has been one of the serious problems faced by many freight forwarders and more so, in these trying times.. A Freight Forwarder is a multi-function agent/operator who undertakes … Read more..

So you want to become a Freight Forwarder huh..!!

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First question you need to ask yourself is WHY..??  It is important that you understand the purpose of wanting to become a freight forwarder.. What is the objective..?? Maybe its … Read more..

Executive Insights: FreightHub Co-Founder Michael Wax on online freight forwarding

We talked with FreightHub co-founder Michael Wax about What his company is doing to establish itself as an active partner to shippers, and what the ideal forwarder-shipper relationship should look … Read more..

Executive Insights: TNX Logistics Co-Founder & Managing Director Alex Hoffman on striking the perfect human/machine balance

Logistics companies can deploy the best technology and still fail if their personnel lack training and experience. Anyone whose been around the industry a while remembers Deutsche Post-DHL’s €345 million … Read more..

A day in the life of a Freight Forwarder – find out how it all works

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Recently I posted an article “Who is a Freight Forwarder..??”.. If that article gave you a good introduction into the activities of a freight forwarder, this article will give you … Read more..

Exporting for the first time huh..!! Then you should read this..

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If you are exporting for the first time, then this article is for you.. This article provides practical advice for the first time exporter covering what you should expect and … Read more..