Suez Canal Authority softens stand on Ever Given while blame game continues

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It’s been a while since we wrote about the Ever Given, the main character in one of the most complicated stories in shipping history which ironically didn’t involve any damage to the ship or containers on board..

No one knows though about the status of the cargoes on board – especially perishable cargo in reefer containers or cargoes with a shelf life still inside the containers on board or any hazardous cargoes that maybe stewing in the hot African sun..

Just in case you have forgotten what happened, here is a recap and also the current status..

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Leaders and Visionaries in Shipping – Dr.Chang Yung-Fa

Leaders and Visionaries in Shipping and Freight - Dr.Chang Yung-Fa

In any industry, there are Leaders and Visionaries who innovate, design, create and shape it, benefiting everyone in the chain..

The Maritime, Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain industries are no exception..

Through a series of articles, Shipping and Freight Resource is paying tribute to Leaders and Visionaries who shaped the modern day shipping industry..

In this article we offer tribute to one of the leaders and visionaries who shaped the modern day shipping industry – Dr.Chang Yung-Fa – Founder of Evergreen Marine Corporation on the occasion of Evergreen’s 50th anniversary..

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