Difference between House bill of lading and Master bill of lading

Difference between House Billl of Lading and Master Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading maybe issued as a House Bill of Lading or a Master Bill of Lading..

In this article, I discuss the difference between these two types of Bills of Lading..

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Difference between Storage and Demurrage

FI for storage and demurrage

What is the difference between Storage and Demurrage..?? This is another area where some confusion exists and I will explain the reason why.. When a container is discharged off a ship, it is moved to the CY area within the port.. When the customer has done the clearance with customs and is ready to take delivery of the container, he/she … Read more here..

Difference between Slot charterer and NVOCC Operator

What is the Difference between Slot charterer and NVOCC Operator..?? This was one of the interesting questions one of the readers of this blog asked me.. NVOCC Operator = Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier The NVOCC can and sometimes do own and operate their own or leased containers In certain countries like USA, the NVOCC operators are required to file their … Read more here..

Difference between a Freight Forwarder and Broker

Difference between a Freight Forwarder and Broker A well established and experienced freight forwarder is expected to have below capabilities (either owned or outsourced) experienced in all modes of transportation – road, rail, air and sea able to provide cost-effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions based on the customer’s requirement able to arrange storage for the cargo (usually all big … Read more here..

Difference between an exporter and a shipper

There are several terms that one comes across in course of normal trade and business.. This article talks about Shipper and Exporter which may sound same to many people but are actually different..

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Difference between storage and overstay

One of my readers had a question ” Can you please explain the difference between storage and overstay “.. Simply put, Overstay is the process of moving uncleared containers into a customs bonded/authorised depot for storage purposes till the consignee is ready to clear the container and take delivery.. This is generally done after the expiry of the standard free … Read more here..

Difference between Demurrage and Detention

demurrage, detention and port charges

Demurrage and Detention – a very contentious topic and one of the most expensive costs in containerised shipping..

This article discusses all about Container Demurrage and Detention and the differences and similarities across various countries and shipping lines..

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