Difference between transhipment and cargo in transit

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You might have heard the terminology Transhipment and also Cargo in Transit.. It might be confusing to newcomers to the industry..

There is a big difference between the two and this article discusses these differences and explain how these two work..

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Difference between Demurrage, Detention and Despatch

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Demurrage, Detention and Despatch are terms that are used around the world in day to day shipping.. However sometimes people get confused about what to use which term where, especially Demurrage as it relates to container and bulk trades..

This article endeavours to clear this confusion by discussing the difference between Demurrage, Detention and Despatch and the meaning of each of these terms..

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Difference between a NVO and NVOCC Operator

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Is there a difference between a NVO and NVOCC Operator..?? This is a very good question asked by one of the readers (Jane)..  If you read my previous article regarding NVOCC, I have mentioned that NVOCC is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier and that the NVOCC can and sometimes do own and operate their own or leased containers.. A Common Carrier is … Read more here..

Difference between Container Owner and Shipping Line

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Is there a difference between container owner and shipping line..?? Aren’t they the same..??

Read more about this interesting question and understand the answer..

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Understanding the difference between Intermodal and Multimodal transport

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Intermodal vs Multimodal – These two terms are often used loosely and interchangeably, but the question is what is the difference..

Here, we will discuss what they mean and what they represent in day to day shipping and freight environment..

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Difference between Received for Shipment, Shipped on Board, Clean on Board & Clean Shipped on Board

Bills of lading generally bear the clauses Received for Shipment, Shipped on board and Clean on board..

In this article, you can read about the difference between these three clauses..

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Difference between Ocean, Sea Waybill and Memo Bill of Lading

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Ocean, Sea waybill & Memo Bill of Lading are often confused and thought to be the same..

This article examines these three bills of lading, their differences and their uses..

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Difference between Cargo dues, Tonnage dues & port dues

What is the difference between Cargo Dues, Tonnage Dues and Port Dues..?? Cargo Dues – abbreviated to read CD – (also known as Wharfage in some countries) is a fee levied by TNPA (Transnet Port Authority) to the users (exporters, importers or shipping lines) for using the port facilities for movement of the cargo through it.. This fee is generally fixed … Read more here..