Brexit and its implications on the shipping industry

Brexit and its implications on the Shipping industry

On June 23rd 2016, a 51.9% majority of British voters elected for their country to leave the European Union. This referendum started the nation along a two-year journey to part with the political and economic union encompassing the European continent.

As we draw nearer to the now-extended October 31st 2019 deadline, and with newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promise for “no deal Brexit”, it is more important than ever to take the time to fully understand the impact that Brexit could have on businesses.

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56% of businesses have not planned for Brexit

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Despite being only left with 150 days until Brexit, over half (56%) of business leaders have not started to make plans for the impact of Brexit on their business.

As per the discussions and a live poll conducted at the Brexit Business Event, this is guided by the belief of the majority (68%) that a deal will not be completed by March.

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