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Surecomp onboards WaveBL to its fintech hub RIVO to enhance digital trade finance

Surecomp, a digital trade finance solutions provider for banks and corporations has announced that it is partnering with WaveBL, a blockchain-based digital platform, to enhance digital trade finance workflows by enabling access to electronic bills of lading in its fintech hub RIVO™.

By integrating WaveBL’s capabilities into Surecomp’s collaborative trade finance platform, financial institutions and corporates alike will be able to receive and manage electronic bills of lading to cut costs and save valuable time.

By enabling swift, encrypted, and authenticated transfer of digital trade documents, RIVO can enhance efficiency and optimize customer service, to transform trade finance processes.

Presenting documents under a letter of credit such as the bill of lading is still a predominantly paper-based process.

Together with other trade documents, corporates are required to physically receive the bills of lading from the shipping companies and send them to their banks, which is a costly process that can take up to weeks to complete.

WaveBL is already connected to several of the largest container shipping companies in the world, such as MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, ZIM, and ONE. Having the ability to connect to bills of lading providers such as WaveBL, and share the data with their banks on their trade finance management platform, will add value in the form of transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

All associated parties – such as the buyer, seller, issuing bank, and advising bank – can now digitally sign and exchange unique, original documents to eliminate courier costs, risk of fraud, and penalty fees incurred at the dock, to drastically improve overall customer experience, environmental sustainability, and business resilience.

It will add visibility and ease the document-checking process for banks.

Commenting on the announcement of the partnership, Enno-Burghard Weitzel, Surecomp’s SVP of Strategy, Digitisation, and Business Development said “By removing barriers and facilitating collaboration to drive a more streamlined, sustainable global trade finance process, RIVO allows any exporter to now access, manage and transfer ownership of its bills of lading electronically,”

“Our digital fintech hub RIVO is designed to bring together best-of-breed solutions to help customers streamline their trade finance management and workflow. Our partnership with WaveBL will afford our customers greater transparency, data accuracy, and a much smoother document-checking process, expediting a previously very tedious and time-consuming workflow,” added Weitzel.

WaveBL’s VP of Business Development, Ofer Ein Bar, said, “This partnership is a win-win alliance that will radically drive forward the transformation of trade whilst rapidly increasing trade efficiency. It marks a key milestone in our mission to truly transform trade; including the streamlining of crucial trade finance flows.”

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