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Understanding the current state of Electronic Trade Document Transfer

The concept of electronic documentation in global trade has been around for decades, but despite millions of dollars invested in the latest technology and availability of suitable technology platforms for the transfer of trade documentation, widespread adoption still seems elusive.

To understand the reasons and the current state of adoption of electronic trade documentation, CargoX surveyed over 400 supply chain professionals from global businesses.

This survey which involved both active electronic trade document transfer users and those who have never used such technologies before revealed quite a few salient points about the state of electronic trade document transfer.

state of electronic trade document webinar - cargox

Join eminent panelists in an exclusive webinar on the 31st of August 2022/15:30 hrs CET as they unpack the results of this survey and delve into the details of electronic trade document transfer.

Moderator :

  1. John Monarch – Supply Chain Expert, UN/CEFACT and blockchain evangelist

Panelists :

  1. Emmanuelle Ganne – Senior Analyst, Economic Research Department at WTO
  2. Joel Schrevens,Global Trade Solutions Director, China Systems
  3. Peter Kern, Chief Business Officer – CargoX

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  1. I can imagine! it was really frustrating for me. I was waiting for it since you published it but last time boss’ phone call. Shit happens. I’m trying to suscribe but i don’t receive the confirmation mail. I tried twice. What could i do to solve it? Thanks!

  2. Good afternoon, I couldn’t attend the webinar because other professional commitments. Will it be available anywhere soon? thanks

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