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Some unusual and different container types

In my previous article(s) i gave an insight into Container sizes and dimensions and also covered some Special Containers and the cargoes that is loaded on these containers..

Now i want to show you some unusual (at least for South Africa) and further different types of containers that are in use around the world..

Super-Rack container – Similar in use as a Flat Rack container but with a BIG difference.. The difference is that in a Super Rack container, the corner posts can be extended upwards to increase the height.. This is most useful when you have Overhigh cargo.. Generally when you load an overhigh cargo on a Flat rack, slings will need to be used to lift the container as the spreader cant lock onto the corner posts.. With the super rack, you can lift the container directly without any slings as the below images will demonstrate..

Container with side doors – Rare type of containers used on certain specific routes to load certain specific cargo which cant be loaded through the normal doors or through the top..

Bulktainer -Normally has loading hatches on the top which enables bulk cargo to be poured into the container and also has “gates” at the bottom of the container which enables the cargo to be offloaded by tipping the container..

48′ and 53′ containers both of which are more commonly seen in USA and its corresponding Far Eastern/European trade lanes mainly.. These containers also have lifting points at 40′ so standard spreaders can be used.. The 53′ containers recently made their entry into South Africa..

Please see below article from FTW (2nd December 2012) regarding the first batch of Jumbo (53′) containers that were imported into South Africa..

Images are courtesy of Super Rack who are the  inventors of the above height-adjustable flat rack container and The Intermodal Container Webpage which displays a photographic collection of unusual and different container types.. Photo credits – Cor Rood, Jos Stiphout, Ryan Hickey, Gary Hannes..


    • Hi Benny, i have not heard of any Mini containers.. There are limited numbers of half height (4 ft) and 10′ containers, but i haven’t heard of Mini containers..

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