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New feature to provide a solution to containers lost at sea

IoT visionary Loginno to include an at-sea shipping container detection solution. The development answers an increasing concern due to containers lost at sea.

Press Release - loginno - smart container solution

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, January 25, 2021 — According to recent researches conducted by the World Shipping Council and others, thousands to tens of thousands of shipping containers are lost at sea each year.

As a result, the world’s waterways contain, at any moment, thousands of shipping containers floating just below the waterline.

These lost shipping containers are standing in the path of crowded shipping lanes, and present a significant danger to vessels and their passengers.

So far, tracking down these containers was a near-impossible task, but now, there is hope, and it is directly tied to a global effort to make shipping containers, the veins of the global economy, smarter.

Loginno, an IoT visionary based in Israel, and the creator of Contopia technology, has just announced a new feature, allowing Loginno’s smart containers to augment their sonar footprint, effectively triggering a much easier detection of dangerous submerged shipping containers, by a standard vessel’s sonar system.

Says Amit Aflalo, Loginno co-founder: “This small but very important addition to our AGAM device, will introduce a low-frequency sonar beacon to our smart containers, allowing more than a month of a continuous ‘lost-at-sea’ mode.

In this mode, every standard sonar system will be able to detect the shipping container loud and clear, from miles away and up to 96 meters in depth; well beyond the usual range. In addition, every container will be fitted with a unique identifier, allowing the owner of the container quick identification of its containers in the recovery process.

While helping container and cargo owners considerably, Loginno’s development also makes oceans and waterways far safer for everyone.

Adds Shachar Tal, Loginno co-founder: “Our sonar detection and identification capabilities join a growing set of unique features developed by Loginno, such as scale-less weighing for SOLAS VGM compliance, 6-sided intrusion detection, and an event ‘black-box’ for insurance investigations.

We are constantly working to allow for a safer, more efficient voyage of cargo in all aspects.

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