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There are similarities between Liner and Tramp Trade..?? I did not know that..

In one of my previous posts I wrote about Difference between a Liner and Tramp service..

Now one of the readers asked a question – Are there any similarities between Liner and Tramp Trade..??

Are there..?? Let’s see..

By definition,

image for liner vesselLiner Service – is a service that operates within a schedule and has a fixed port rotation with published dates of calls at the advertised ports..

Liner service may be a Container service, Break Bulk service, Bulk service, RORO service etc.. 

image for tramp vesselTramp Service or tramper is a ship that has no fixed routing or itinerary or schedule and is available at short notice (or fixture) to load any cargo from any port to any port..

Such trampers usually carry break bulk or bulk cargoes that arrive at a port to discharge some cargo and in some cases will be looking for return cargo or cargo to other regions.. But these ships can carry many other types of non-contracted cargoes such as Containers, RoRo etc..

It is important that the term Tramp is not misconstrued as something inferior..

That is just the name that is used in the industry because of the fact that the ship doesn’t have a fixed home (route) and is free to generally wander (sail) around the world in search of cargo fixtures or carrying cargo..

In terms of vessel operation, Liner and Tramp vessels have below similarities..

Both vessels are :

  1. Proper seaworthy ships capable of carrying various types of cargoes depending on the trade route
  2. Classed by reputed classification societies
  3. Manned by a crew with the required expertise to handle the operations and the voyage
  4. Vessels that may be custom built for a specific route/cargo or may be used on any route to carry any cargo
  5. Subject to the same immigration, customs, health and port requirements and regulations, except in case of liners, where there might be a berthing window scheme in place at certain ports which allows it to berth at the nominated berth at the nominated date/time

Apart from the above similarities in the operation of the vessel, there are also other similarities in terms of booking, documentation etc..

Trust this assists in knowing the similarities between Liner and Tramp apart from understanding the basic differences..

How many you have dealt with both forms of trade and what has been your experience.. Do you prefer one over the other..??



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