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More ships using vegetable oil as fuel

vegetable oil powered ship - shipping and freight resourceIn April 2018, more than 100 Member States met at the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London and adopted an initial strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels..

It was reported previously, that as from 1st of January 2020 the new global limit on the sulphur content will be 0.50% m/m..

In line with this, the Goodshipping Program was reportedly started as the world’s first global marine program that aims to change the fuel that is used in the marine market space..

Through the use of biofuels this marine initiative has reportedly developed a flexible, quick, transparent, convenient and effective way for companies and businesses of all sizes to lower the emissions that their specific cargo is responsible for..

As part of this program, the ‘Samskip Endeavour’ a container vessel with a capacity of over 800 containers successfully used 22,000 litres of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) made from used cooking oil (UCO) provided by GoodFuels Marine to carry the goods belonging to customers Tony’s ChocolonelyDopperBlygoldMagic Marine and Mystic..

Now, Norden from Denmark has indicated that they are offering clients shipments powered by vegetable oil..

As per Jan Rindbo, CEO of Norden, the company has tested the usage of vegetable oil as a fuel in 2018 and are confident of rolling it as a regular offering to clients who are looking to go green in terms of handling their supply chain..

Rindbo says

Now that we have proven CO2 neutral transport as a viable alternative, I am convinced many carbon conscious customers within a foreseeable future will demand this type of transport.

Nord Highlander, a 37,000 DWT product tanker was used for the test voyage conducted in September on a ballast trip from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Tallinn in Estonia..

Nord used GoodFuels Marine, a venture partially backed by Vitol Group’s Varo Energy, will supply used vegetable oil as the alternate fuel..

The trend seems to be catching on quite rapidly..

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  1. Hi
    I am running my deisel cars and van on vegetable oil since 2001 the only problem I can report is . Rubber fuel lines not compatible with veg oil degrading
    Fuel left for extended periods ( over 3 years ) of time in The fuel tank Becoming slightly jelly like .
    Engines Used include direct deisel Injection
    Indirect injection
    And common rail injection
    Over 400,000 miles logged
    Regards. Scott

  2. with 300,000,000 tons of fuel consumed annually in shipping , the effect of low fuel regulations will be disastrous to vessels over 15 years old , which can afford either due to construction or investment cost to install scrubbers on board…. many vessel of that age and maybe earlier ones , will go for scrapping and others will convert to marine gas oil (prices of which will skyrocket)

    => limited supply of shipping /carriage capacity = > increase of freights throughout….

    although vegoil and other seem exotic can’t replace immy the need to have SAFE and COMPATIBLE FUELS to run a vessel smoothly and safely ….a vessel with engine problem’s is an immediate marine risk and apart from fuel prices we will see a sharp increase of insurance premiums throughout due to casualties..

    interesting years ahead
    cheers /Kostas

    • Hi Kostas, thanks for the comment.. It is true that Veg Oil and others may not be able to replace conventional fuels immediately or even in the near future, but the ball has started rolling.. Such innovation should be applauded and promoted wherever/whenever possible..


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