Shipping Questions and Answers

Q#6: I will appreciate it very much if you could tell me how pet liquid filled bottles like Gatorade are transported via sea freight containers?
We are told the following by a seller:Capacity for a 20 footer is 10 pallets on the floor for liquids, with no double stacking allowed (per the freight forwarder). We would like to know if this is correct?

A#6: in general for such cargo double stacking is not allowed for safety reasons.. However, if the cargo is crated, then you could double stack it, but it also depends on the weight as these drinks are heavy..

Q#5: from where we can obtain MSDS of the commodity certificate for our Airfreight Cargo?

A#5: the manufacturer of the product should have it.. That is the best source..

Q#4: I have a 40′ stuck in port because there is a discrepency in the seal number stated on the b/l. The shipping company agrees this is their error. We are facing enormous demurrage and storage charges through no fault of ours. What recourse do we have to claim all the penalty charges incurred?

A#4: That would really depend on what caused this delay, who picked it up and when and the country in which it happened.. Usually seal discrepancies should not cause that much of a delay unless the customs and doc process in the receiving country is quite stringent..

Q#3: Can we mention a bank as a notify party in BL ? If no what is the reason /logic behind that ?

A#3: Notify party maybe anyone on this planet as there is no legal or contractual obligation.. So yes bank can be notify party..

Q#2: If a shipment is consigned to a bank located at 3rd country place other than the loading or discharging port and holder of OB/L who is the N/Party wants to Switch B/L to revise the shipper as they themselves but maintain the consignee “To Order of Bankxxxxx” and new N/Party at POD. The 1st set did not pass the bank for endorsement therefore legally can we proceed to Switch the B/L.

A#2: The bank will not see or does not receive any records of the bill from the shipping line.. They will only see what the shipper gives them.. If the bill of lading is consigned to the bank, how will the notify get all 3 bills without going through the bank in order to do the switch bill.. Remember, you need all 3 originals to be given back for a switch bill..

Q#1: By curiosity, I would like to know if two different companies can use the same identification number for their containers? Can Hapag and Orient Overseas Container Line both use the same number but what differentiates each company is the letters before such number?? For example: HLXU 150903 and ODLU 150903?

A#1: if it happens by “coincidence” then the differentiating factor would be the prefix.. But even if the numbers are same, the check digit will be different for that combination..


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  1. Hello. Question is simple. How a broker can a establish a situation where a shipowner will offer for a competitive quote? Thanks.

  2. If you are a freight forwarder. Your client does not take out air / sea insurance on their cargo. Cargo is damaged. You can try to claim on the airline / shipping line. What avenues do you have if the customer has no insurance and the damage occurred on the flight/sea or Terminal.

  3. Are you shipping in from China for an online business? You will need to contact freight companies in the uk to transport goods around the UK coast.

    You’ll need to know how much sea freight costs before importing from China, India or elsewhere else!

    A lot of the time you may receive very varied quotes on what you’re required to pay – but, before you rush in thinking you’re getting a great deal, you need to understand the process of importing goods from China to the UK. Once you understand the import fees, how much it costs and why, you can really see if you’re getting a good offer . . . or if there’s something dodgy going on. There are a lot of sea freight charges that need to be covered!

  4. Question on the aspect of Container Deposit being charge or imposed by the destination agent before releasing of container, considering the fact the charges imposed from origin to destination. Is the Container Deposit is legal aspect of charges in terms of delivery to consignee. The refund took almost 1 year or more.

    Thank you.

  5. what does it mean when the cargo insurance docs says ” +/- 5% of the weight of the consignment is insured” and later stating “partial loss claims subject to an excess of 1% on the entire consignment” ?

  6. I bought a couple of cars from Europe and they suppose to shipped the cars to Ethiopia; However, it took more than three times the normal shipping time mainly because the shipping company is using indirect shipping where each port asked as deposit for bill of lading. my question to you is, is there such thing as refundable deposit to get permission form the port?

  7. Its my pleasure to be in this discussion. It should be very useful to understand the shipping related problems and the solution for in that.
    Thank you so much


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