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Who are the readers of Shipping and Freight Resource – Update

+++ Updated post as the original post had some technical issues +++

Hey all, I need your help.. 

As many of you may know, I started this resource in 2008 primarily as a medium to share the knowledge and experience that I gained on the job in the industry in the form of educational content..

Over the years, this resource has been viewed 18.5 million+ times by over 11 million+ readers, and over 46,000 of you have subscribed to receive my articles by email..

Thanks to this support, the resource has evolved into a niche resource providing not only quality educational content but also selected industry news, market insights, interactive discussions, and executive insights.

Throughout this journey, many of you have interacted with me personally and online through your comments and know a bit about me, but there is a lot I need to know about YOU – my readers..

To understand my readership and your needs better, I have put together 5 simple questions.. I invite you to click this link to answer these questions..

The form has only 3 mandatory questions and 2 optional questions.. The optional questions are about how this resource has helped you and any specific/special topics you would like me to cover..

Several articles have been written and training courses conducted based on some previous responses so please do complete these 2 optional questions as well..

If you see “Sign in to Google to save your progress. Learn more” on the form you can ignore it.. You can complete the questionnaire without signing in.. If you have already taken this questionnaire, thank you.. 

Your feedback is very valuable to me to improve the content of this resource, and it will also help others understand and learn more..

Let’s get to know each other.. 🙂

Liked the content..??

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Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiarhttps://www.shippingandfreightresource.com
I am Hariesh Manaadiar, the Founder of Shipping and Freight Resource.. I have been in the dynamic shipping and freight industry for over three decades and have worked in several sectors.. I share my experiences and knowledge of the industry through this blog for those looking for help in the industry.. Stay subscribed for more free useful content about shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, supply chain and trade..


  1. hI Hariesh from my college time this website is a go to for all my queries related to shipping once i started my career in the industry then i realized how complex the business is especially the documentation part I’ve seen senior managers with decades of experience struggling to explain how high sea sales and switch BL works in your website its explained so well in simple language something makes your website stand out is you write the blog in a way a student can understand the content not many people in the industry can do that.

  2. Hi Hariesh,
    I am Muhammad Azam Zaki from Pakistan and is in the field of Import (Operations & Supply Chain Management) since 2001 and many years ago I subscribed your newsletter. Frankly I learned a lot from your articles.
    Really you are doing a great job
    Thank you again for the services you are providing to enhance the knowledge of the industry.
    Best Regards,
    M. Azam Zaki
    Lahore, Pakistan

  3. Hi Hariesh

    Great stuff , supper . Keep walking .

    Look forward to more insights from your expertise .

    Thank you

  4. Dear Hariesh,
    Thank you for the newsletter. I m relatively new in this field, your newsletter has help me understand the Shipping &
    Freight industry and help me perform better.


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