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Question from Ranjit Ajgaonkar

Name: Ranjit Ajgaonkar
Ask your question here..: Some 25 years back in the age of telex & radio telegraphy, N.O.R. had an unprecedented importance. It had to be delivered physically to the cargo interest & their written acknowledgement sought. With the advent of internet, emails etc., can we do away with this circus of seeking written acknowledgement physically ?


  1. Thanks Sir for yr kind reply which noted. My personal experience about the physical delivery of NOR was not encouraging. Many a times the charterers / shippers / consignees / or their servants viz agents / stevedores etc would simply take the NOR & keep it with them. They would later hand over the copy stipulating the NOR acceptance date & time suiting their business interest. Also if the vsl arrives say 1100 hours on a Saturday & SHEX clause is applicable then, the cargo interests in such cases prefer to go underground till 1700 hours to ensure NOR is physically not served on them till Monday opening. One last thing, what if NOR is not accepted by the cargo interests but, owners in good faith commence loading or discharge operations. Will this still construe “though vsl commenced her cargo operations in the port she would not be considered ready as NOR was never served ?”
    Plsd to hear / Ranjit

  2. Hi Ranjit, while the communication methods have improved and the importance of the older communication methodologies diminished, i dont think the importance of the NOR itself has diminished.. It is still a very important document for the owner and charterer..

    While the method of delivery can be changed from the previous telex/fax to emails now-a-days, there are many owners/charterers that maintain the traditional method of getting it delivered physically, which in my personal opinion is still required due to the large number of fraudulent activities taking place and a physical document minimizes the same when compared to an electronic method..

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