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Question from Kelly Wong

Name: Kelly Wong
Ask your question here..: Is it a discrepancy if B/L on board date later than B/L issue date?


  1. Thank you! But in what circumstance will the B/L on board date later than issue date? As when the time the B/L is issued, it cannot foresee when will the goods is on board, so how can it mention a later on board date?

    • Hi Kelly, the shipped on board date CANNOT be later than the bill of lading date.. A bill of lading is issued only after the ship has sailed and therefore at the time of issuance of bill of lading, the container is already on board and therefore the shipped on board date should be shown on the bill of lading, failing which the bill of lading date will be considered as the SOB date..

      EXCEPTION to above case is if the shipping line is issuing a RECEIVED FOR SHIPMENT bill of lading which is issued confirming that the carrier has “received” the containers at their container yard for loading onto a specific ship or voyage.. This DOES NOT mean that the container(s) has been shipped on board..

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