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Port Facts Series – Port of Savannah

A port is a place within a harbour where a ship can dock for commercial purposes either handling cargo, passengers or taking care of a ship’s requirements.. Ports play a very crucial role in transporting various types of goods and ports are even classified based on the cargo that they handle..

A port is also a place where water and land meet and therefore there are trains and trucks that come into the port for the purpose of delivery (for exports onto a ship) or picking up cargo (from imports off a ship)..

Many countries have many ports along major rivers.. Mississippi River in the USA, Yangtze in China, Great Lakes in North America are some of the examples of major rivers having many ports..

Each of the ports are controlled, operated and run by a Port Authority which sets the commercial tariff for the handling of ships, goods and passengers at that port..

Port Facts Series will be covering various global ports around the world, providing some interesting facts about container ports around the world..

Today’s Port Facts is about the Port of Savannah..

Image of Port of Savannah - Port Facts Series - Shipping and Freight Resource
Image: Georgia Port Authority

Port of Savannah

  • Port Facts Series - SavannahCountry: United States of America
  • Location: Eastern Seaboard 32.1284° N, 81.1515° W
  • Single largest and fastest-growing container terminal in USA
  • 10,000 feet of contiguous berth space
  • Closest and fastest option by rail to the major centers of Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, and Orlando
  • Third-busiest container gateway in the U.S
  • Most Westerly port on the Atlantic seaboard
  • Handles Container, RO/RO, Breakbulk, Project Cargo, and Reefer cargoes with 488 Reefer Wheeled Plugs, 2856 Reefer Rack Plugs and 119 Reefer Racks
  • Import full containers has increased by a staggering 217% over the last 15 years with an 8% average Y-O-Y
  • Export full containers has increased by a whopping 84% over the last 15 years with a 4% average Y-O-Y

shipping and freight resource - port facts series - port of savannah

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