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Port delays and its consequences

Lets assume you are shipping a container from Durban to Nairobi which as per the map is not too far and you would expect it to reach Nairobi in a few days time by ship right..?? Wrong !!

Currently it could take your container anything between 48-50 DAYS, yes DAYS to get it from Durban to Nairobi.. ­čÖü

How you say..??

Currently the port of Mombasa is extremely congested and below is the time line (reproduced from a Kenyan newspaper) of how long it takes cargo to move from Mombasa (gateway port) to Nairobi.. Add to this about 6 days steaming time from Durban to Mombasa..

Can you imagine that.. This is how long a seller might have to wait in certain cases to get paid by his buyer.. Or for the buyer to have paid the money to the seller and wait to get his goods.. Shows you how so many things are dependent on the efficient handling  and operation of the ports..


  1. yes,it is true.Mombasa port has been experiencing congestion despite development of cf’s and ICD’s .We thought those facilities will de-congest the port,but the situation is really worrying..but commercial minded persons behind the facilities are to be blamed

  2. port development should be an international priority, international bodies should set funds aside to develop ports that have capacity/structural problems that need modernization and training these costs could be offset by a levy for vessels and
    cargo entering such ports

  3. The port & shipping delay plays a vital role in the business cycle from the shipper to receiver , in this case is 2 times, meaning there was a possibility that shipping lines and the port authorities could have done double the business they are now doing.
    Let us see how we can change this and what needs to be done by a few simple steps:
    a) Maximum time spent is the berthing time
    b) Is there a port congestion – what are the reasons ? Too much of cargo, lack of staff ,inadequate machinery, weather condition etc
    c) Chennai Port also had similar issues – reason being too much of cargo
    d) I suggest you to ask the Durban port authority to address this issue to Chennai Port Chairman – Mr. Atulya Mishra
    I am glad to see your concern to take up this issue and apperciate others to contribute their ideas & suggestions as well.
    Anant Sharma

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