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Parts of a bill of lading – Part 4

Parts of a bill of lading – Part 4

Phew, this is the last part of the 4 part article.. In case you missed it, please read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3..

This last part of the bill of lading is generally the area where the Freight charges are reflected..

Barring a few countries like Brazil, most of the other countries do not insist on the freight charges being shown on the bill of lading..

The only field that is generally filled in this area is the Freight Payable at which could either be the Port of Load (Prepaid) or Port of Discharge or Final Destination (Collect) or any other port (Elsewhere).. In the case of Freight paid at a destination different from either the Port of Load or Port of Discharge or Final Destination (ex : Shipment from Durban to Shanghai but freight paid in London), the port of discharge agents must check and receive confirmation from the other port that the freight amounts have been paid in full prior to releasing the cargo to the receiver..

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The other important fields in this area are

  • Place of Issue – is the place where the original bill of lading is signed and released (issued) to the shipper or his agent
  • Date of Issue – is the date on which the original bill of lading is signed and released to the shipper or his agent.. This date in general would be on or after the containers or cargo is actually on board of the ship and should be the same date or later than the shipped on board date..
  • Number of originals – is the number of original bills of lading that the client requires the line to release for that particular shipment.. Standard is 3 originals.. If one of the three originals are duly discharged then the other two are deemed null and void..

Then there is also the attachment sheet to the bill of lading.. This is used when the details shown in the description is too large to fit within the space provided on the original bill of lading stationery.. This attached sheet forms part of the bill of lading and should carry all the stamps and endorsements on the original bill of lading and should clearly show the bill of lading number and vessel and voyage information..

All information covered in the articles related to the parts of the bill of lading are general information and each shipping line have their own specifications and peculiarities with regards to their bill of lading stationery and the information required..


  1. Dear Mr Hariesh
    you mention that the freight get paid in any port other POL or POD in these case who can collect or pay these charges to the line , the freight forwarding or i contact the line to pay freight ? or can shipping line refuse to collect the freight from me because shipping line has counterpart in the POL and POD ?

    the most of cases the freight get paid in pol or PoD . so if i want to ship the cargo from Alexandria , Egypt to USA Newyork
    if i negotiate the shipping line say Maersk line in USA To get Freight , maybe Maersk in USA refuse to get me rate and advise me to contact maersk in Egypt to have rate , in this case the only agent or freight forwarding co in USA can help me or can i contact maersk in Thailand or any country to get rate or also refuse

    is there shipping line can give rates to person in anywhere or some where or refuse because it is harmful for his counterpart in the area which i ask the line to have rates

    really i want to know if i want to pay freight in anywhere other pol or pod in this case i pay to line or i buy freight from forwarder ?

    the place of issue that is pol or origin of goods



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