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Outside the Box: The Shipping Container Revolution

Be my GuestAs you maybe aware, from time to time, I accept Guest Posts relating to Shipping and Freight written by people from the industry..

There have been several guest posts on this blog already and below is one of the latest..

This guest post (infographic) is from Jamie Addis who is the Director of Insite Portable Accommodation.. He wanted to share below infographic on “Outside the Box: The Shipping Container Revolution”..

It provides an insight into the shipping container revolution detailing some of the many impressive buildings which have been created from shipping containers around the world.. Furthermore, it offers the pros and cons of building with shipping containers as well as some tips from architecture and environmental experts..

Enjoy the introductory infographic and the slideshow below it 🙂

image for outside the box

Click below images to see some creative use of containers in Architecture..

Do you have any good, useful article or thoughts or views that you would like to share with the world..?? Forward it to me as a guest post following these guest post guidelines and if it is relevant to this blog, I will publish it..

image for guest blogging


  1. Note the normal dimensions of container is still indicated as H8′ x W8′ x L20′. In fact nowadays, the norm is H.5′ x W8.0′ x L20′ for a 20′ GP container and the height is 9.6′ for a 20′ high cube container.

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