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Can there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

multiple notifyCan there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

Question from a reader Evelyn..

According to my previous article about the Role of a Notify party, definition of a Notify party is :

Notify – is the name and address details of the person who should be notified of the arrival of the cargo..

Depending on the bill of lading that is issued this could be the actual buyer or receiver of the goods, clearing and forwarding agent or the trader..

Generally the notice of cargo arrival is to be sent to this notify party..

A Notify Party is merely someone that needs to be notified about the arrival of the cargo covered in the bill of lading twitter text.. The details of the notify party are provided by the entity that provides the shipping instruction to the shipping line.. They may or may not have any contractual relationship with the shipping line or the shipper..

Unlike Consignees, there can be Multiple notify parties in a shipment.. There is no specific restriction on this..

While filling up the bill of lading as elaborated in Parts of a Bill of Lading, the Notify Party(s) maybe shown in the Notify Party field in the bill of lading.. If there is not enough space in the Notify party area on the bill of lading template for more than one, it maybe done as shown in the image below :image of BL with multiple notify


So the answer to the question is – YES, there can be multiple notify parties in a bill of lading..

Anyone else have any other opinion or views, please share..


Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiar
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  1. Does the 2nd Notify party & 3rd Notify party that does not indicted on the letter of Credit makes the letter of credit discrepant during presentation

  2. For SURE YES, and to complete this information we should know that one or more or all of the below parties can be notify party (s):

    =1= The Forwarder to prepare for clearing the shipment.
    =2= L/C issuing bank , specially if they finance the shipment.
    =3= Insurance company .
    =4= if there is any partner for the consignee

    Essam Hamed
    Export manager


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