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MSC accepts all costs for cleanup of MSC Zoe containers overboard – update 06.01.2019

MSC Zoe containers overboardThe update as of the 6th of Jan 2019 on the MSC Zoe containers going overboard is that MSC has advised that they are directly taking over more of the clean-up of German and Dutch waters and beaches, following the recent container spill from the cargo ship MSC Zoe..

MSC is working in close collaboration with a number of salvage companies to add momentum to the response and salvage efforts which started on the 2nd of January 2019..

This operation is being coordinated through a single specialized response company (Ardent Global), appointed by MSC and its insurers, in order to centralise and monitor the cleaning work and in certain locations, MSC has also taken over contracts initiated by local authorities..

The current clean-up activities are concentrated around the Dutch and German coastlines and notably on Frisian islands such as Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog which are the main areas that have been affected and where the cargo has been washed ashore..

Specialist equipment such as fast boats fitted with hydraulic remote-operated grab function to pick up the drifting containers and sonar-tracing ships for underwater recovery are being used in the cleanup process..

It has been reported that in Terschelling alone, some eight containers of materials were collected using industrial raking machines with the help of drones which were used to scan the area and facilitated detailed follow-up cleaning..

MSC reported that some materials collected from the Frisian coast have already been passed on for recycling and for use as building insulation..

MSC expects all material collected from the islands as part of the official clean-up operation to be sent to the mainland for storage and treatment..

Although MSC is unable to provide detailed cargo information owing to client/company confidentiality, they have reassured the public that they are not aware of any public injury from the cargo that has gone overboard including the Organic Peroxide containers..

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What is commendable though is that in probably one of the quickest responses in such cases, MSC has already reassured authorities and members of the public in the Netherlands and Germany that the company will pay the full costs of this clean up..

The company, Ardent Global, appointed by MSC to coordinate the search at sea in both countries, in full collaboration with relevant authorities is well known across the world for its expertise in marine salvage and emergency response..

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