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Meet the Sponsors of PharmaReg AfriSummit 2022

PharmaReg AfriSummit is an annual event that provides a platform for medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory experts and industry professionals in Africa to share insights and discuss the latest updates in the regulations.

As silver sponsors of the event, Yalla RX by Pharma Global and our session sponsor Honeywell will be present at the summit to exchange strategized ideas, analysis & exclusive new information as well as to share top insights from their perspectives revolving around different aspects that relate to the regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

To introduce Honeywell, it is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry-specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Honeywell Forge is an enterprise performance management solution for the digital transformation of operations. Honeywell Forge includes a mix of software products and enabling services that help companies use operational data to drive insights that improve processes, enhance productivity, support sustainability initiatives, and empower workers.

Track & Trace, is a software solution that provides real-time visibility and reporting of products within a vehicle, a container, a palette, or a packaging box at the micro-level. It enables you to track products throughout the supply chain. In highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, and explosives, this becomes critical.

To shed light on Yalla RX, it is an Innovative ecosystem for B2B pharma. Yalla RX is the modern e-com platform with smart solutions for all pharma sphere participants: pharma specialists and doctors, pharma and API manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics.

Yalla RX consists of:

– YallaRX ANALITICS: Based on the official sources and own resources, it proposes analytical reports to get new opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, clinics, hospitals, and more from the pharma market.

– YallaRX PHARMA COURSES: recent knowledge in healthcare, pharmacy, and medicine with our accredited special webinars courses for pharma and medicine specialists.

– YallaRX PURCHASES: Offers direct purchases from manufacturers with favorable prices and promotional offers for pharmacies and clinics.

– TENDERX: Makes direct purchases and tenders easier. There are manufacturers from all over the world on one platform.

– YallaRX PROMOTIONS: Favorable offers and deliveries from manufacturers directly for pharmacies and hospitals.

-YallaRX FIRST DATA: Personalized solutions for analytic and brand promotion of final behavior and healthcare status of consumers.

– YallaRX HR: Healthcare professionals and businesses find each other here.

– YallaRX LAUNCH: Pharma Global MENA guarantees a complete cycle launch for drugs, devices, and cosmetology from research to actual sales in the GCC countries.

PharmaReg AfriSummit is geared toward medical device and pharma professionals with an interest in regulatory affairs in Africa with the aim to improve regulatory partnerships between Authorities and Industry, decrease application and approval timelines and enhance the application process to bring new medication for a healthier Africa.

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