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Maersk Line sets a new world record

I generally¬†don’t post news items on this blog, but I thought this one would be of some relevance and consequence to the newcomers to the industry to hold in awe and wonder.. ūüôā

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, the first of the Triple E Series and also the first of the 18,000 TEU ships in the world, left Algeciras on the 26th of January 2915 with the world record load of 18,168 TEUs en route to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia..

image for 18168

To put it in perspective, a TEU (Twenty Equivalent Unit) is 6 meters long which means if you place these 18,168 TEUs end to end, it will stretch to 109 kilometers long..

Now that’s something to think about..

Well done @MaerskLine..


  1. UASC World Record Loading: ( 18,634 TEUs ) on board M.V Tihama Westbound from Asia into Europe
    linkedin.comCongratulations and Bravo folks. We are beating the world record that we previously set (18,601 TEUs) on Al Muraykh early this year.

  2. Well surely it will help maersk to cut prices, as they can transport this much amount of cargo in one ship. But question remains, will they get this much amount of containers every time?
    Any views from anybody regarding this as already so many players on this route.

  3. Hello. Thank you for your blog and regularly published articles. Can you advise some good resources with the news of the industry, please?

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