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  1. Could u pls explain about tweendecker vessels, their structures etc. Also pls give an info about tanktop of a vessel

  2. Rochelle
    I think you can find those information on their official websites. You can try &

  3. Sir , Thanks for valuable information , but may i know that what is THC and what is the rate applicable

  4. hello Friends,

    i want to know the differences between freight forwarding company and express cargo company ??

  5. hello all

    I Live in delhi new to this blog. Please let me know form where i can do the customs clearance and freight forwarding diploma in dlehi. pls help me out.

  6. Hello Sir,

    i want to ask 2 questions.
    1. what is back to back B/L?
    2. what date they put in the B/L(date of issue)?

  7. Hi, i need some information about the import transhipment and export transport transhipment. And does the delivery order function same as the container request form? And i would like to know that why the LCL(loose cargo) shipment are require to send by road?
    Hope that i got this answer as fast as possible. Thanks.

  8. Need some information from the ppl in shipping industry pls – What restrictions do we come across from the following ports when fixing a vessel – port like: Port of Buenaventura, Toledo, Bankok, Churchill and calcutta. Is their any website i can refer to to get info on ports of the world?

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