Is Shipping in South Africa a free blog..??

This was a question one of the readers had.. Yes, it is a free blog.. Subscription to this blog is free..

This blog is aimed at enhancing the shipping knowledge to people who are in need of enhancing it and designed to impart knowledge about shipping and freight to those who are new to this industry..

This is also an interactive blog where everyone’s participation is welcome.. Everyone are free to share their views, experiences, knowledge, questions related to shipping, freight and maritime industry here..

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7 thoughts on “Is Shipping in South Africa a free blog..??”

  1. Hi LK, there are no SPECIFIC issues with the above items as far as i know.. Have you been having this problem with every shipment or only a selected shipment with maybe a selected line..?? Is the delay in the clearance or in the transit of the cargo..??

  2. Thanks for a good blog and resource. I work for a company supporting biomedical scientists in South Africa and they have complained that getting shipments of equipment and supplies (microscopes, centrifuges, etc.) takes a VERY long time. Are there import issues at work here? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. Very informative Blog and you have done a great piece of work.
    I’m doing due diligence on shipping coal from Richards Bay to South Korea and I’m looking to find a shipping company to see what the cost would be for 60,000 metric tonnes or greater?
    Thank you for your help in this.


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