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In support of the seafarers on Day of the Seafarer 25th June 2012

As mentioned in my post last year in support of the Seafarer, this year i would like to once again thank all seafarers that ply the oceans.. You guys are the backbone of world trade and without your contribution, the world would not be so connected..

So each time someone in Germany takes a sip of South African Wine or someone in India takes a bite of Kiwi fruit from New Zealand or someone in China digs into that pile of Coal from Australia, they all need to think how it was made possible and that is only through the dedication and hard work of the seafarer that works on the ship carrying these cargoes..

Personally, something that came by sea and something that i couldn’t do without in my working life would be this laptop that i am writing this post from..

I did also salute the sailors who are also fathers via my Fathers Day post on this blog..

Please visit and also take part in their dedications to the Seafarer today.. Please follow below from the IMO:

So, on 25 June 2012, the Day of the seafarer, we ask you to tell the world, through your social media connections, about an object in your daily life that you can’t live without, and which came by sea. Take a photo, write a description, record a song, make a film, whatever you prefer: and then just post it on the social platform of your choice and add the campaign slogan: “thank you seafarers”.

You can join in by:

  • Sharing your post on Facebook, if you have pictures, videos or any special message, please share them on our wall.
  • Sending us a message @IMOHQ and @SeafarerDay using hashtag #thankyouseafarer
  • On pinterest, you can pin a picture of your chosen object with the caption “Day of the Seafarer”

We invite participants to download the toolkits available here and join the campaign:

  • (@IMOHQ)
  • (@SeafarerDay)

Be part of the discussion and share your views about the article here..

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