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Impact of Digital Documentation and Payment Platforms in the Shipping Industry

The last few years have seen a surge in digitalization and digital transformation in the shipping and freight industry which is reshaping the industry and the way business is done.

The ocean freight sector stands at a pivotal juncture and ODeX, a frontrunner in digital solutions for ocean freight shipping, recently unveiled a comprehensive report “Report on Ocean Freight Shipping and Digital Transformation” that sheds light on this transformation, driven by the responses of industry professionals.

The call for shipping and freight digitalization

The report reveals a striking figure: 75% of survey respondents encounter operational bottlenecks frequently or occasionally, with documentation issues being a significant hurdle for half of them.

This statistic alone underscores the critical need for a shift towards digital documentation and payment platforms, a transition that 60% of industry professionals have already embraced.

Yet, the journey is far from complete, as 40% remain on the sidelines, deterred by concerns over data security, user adaptability, and the costs of implementation.

Commenting on the report, Liji Nowal, CEO of ODeX said “The findings of this survey are a call to action for the ocean freight shipping industry. As we navigate through digital transformation, it’s clear that a deeper understanding of the sector’s unique challenges and a collaborative approach are crucial”.

This sentiment reflects a profound understanding of the complexities involved in digitizing an industry as intricate and globally interconnected as ocean freight shipping.

Embracing Challenges as Opportunities

The transition to digital ways of working is not just about overcoming current challenges but also about future-proofing the industry. Nowal emphasizes the importance of digital solutions in paving the way for a more efficient and resilient future. The vision is not only about adopting new technologies but also about fostering an ecosystem where stakeholders collaborate to redefine maritime logistics.

The ODeX report provides a detailed roadmap offering several useful recommendations for tackling the highlighted challenges. It stresses the need for enhanced digital documentation, user-friendly platforms, and concerted efforts across the industry. This roadmap is not just a guide but a testament to ODeX’s commitment to spearheading the digital transformation in ocean freight shipping.


The transformation of the ocean freight industry into a digitally advanced sector is not a solitary journey. It demands a collective effort, where understanding, adaptation, and collaboration are key.

The ODeX report not only illuminates the path forward but also invites stakeholders to be part of a transformative journey. As the industry navigates through these digitalization initiatives, innovative solutions like those offered by ODeX will be pivotal in steering toward a more connected and efficient future.


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  1. Data security and user adoption are valid concerns, but the benefits of digitalization far outweigh the risks. Imagine a future where paperwork is a thing of the past!


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