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IMDG Code Amendment 38-16, 2016 Edition

As you may be aware, the IMO has announced that the IMDG Code Amendment 38-16, 2016 Edition comes into force on 1 January 2018 for two years..

During 2017, shippers and carriers may opt to use the provisions of IMDG Code 38th amendment (38-16) or 37th Amendment (37-14)..

Currently the IMDG Code 2014 Edition which came into force on 1st January 2016 is being used and the IMDG Code Supplement, 2014 Edition will remain valid until further notice..

IMDG Code book

So what is this IMDG Code 38th amendment (38-16) all about..??

To help us understand it, the IMDG Code Compliance Centre run by Shashi Kallada, is publishing a series of articles highlighting prominent changes and additions in 38th Amendment for our better understanding..

  1. IMDG Code 38-16 – Update 1 – Classification
  2. IMDG Code 38-16 – Update 2 – Polymerizing Substances and Special Provision 386
  3. IMDG Code 38-16 – Update 3 – POLYESTER RESIN KIT

For best results and understanding, you can visit the site and also subscribe to receive regular updates on this hugely important topic of Hazardous Goods..

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  1. Hi Hariesh,

    Please excuse my interference on this publication, i saw your interactions the pub related to Switch BL and i wanted to ask you a question.
    Is it Possible to switch BL in case want to send Goods Directly from USA to Mauritania, but send the BL to our customer in Tunisia, who would need to switch BL to show the new Shipper/Consignee/Notify in order to send it to the final Importer in Mauritania ?
    If possible, when and where the Tunisian Company needs to proceed to switch the BL ?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Hariesh,
    Great timing for you to put this article out as it ties in very nicely with the last one on Freight Forwarders, who, in many instances have no clue what IMDG stands for and why they need to understand it !!!! So maybe this will catapult them into activity.


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