I want to issue my House Bill of Lading

Question from one of the readers : We are an NVOCC and we currently primarily use the steamship line’s BL showing The shipper’s name with us as agent . If we start using HBLs, what is our liability.?

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  1. I am going to start a freight forwarding company.
    I want to know what is the procedure to get house bill of lading for my company.

  2. Hi Tom, if you wish to start using HBL’s that should be fine, however you must be covered sufficiently for the issuance of your HBL.. Suggest you speak to your insurance company first about the cover and the premiums they will charge and then based on your business you can decide whether it is worth it..
    What are you trying to protect by using HBL..??

    If you have finally decided to use HBL, then you should read below..


    Good luck..


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