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How can i make Shipping in South Africa blog more useful to you..??

This blog was started in October 2008.. From then it has been great being able to write on various topics/articles that i thought would be useful to the various readers..

I think it is time to get some feedback from the readers/subscribers about the blog with a view to improving the blog and make it more effective..

So here is what i would like you to comment on :

  • Effectiveness – is this blog effective and does it help you to understand the process and nuances of shipping..??
  • Topics – are there any specific topics that you would like me to cover..??
  • Frequency of articles– are you comfortable with the frequency of the articles..?? Am i posting too often or too little..?? How often would you like to receive new articles..??
  • Content – is the content matter understandable and clear..??
  • Language – is my language simple and easy to understand..??
  • Site Design – is the site easy to navigate and read..??
  • Subscription methods – are the subscription methods easy enough to understand and subscribe
  • Any suggestions/feedback..??

This is a non-commercial/non-profit blog, something that i spend a lot of time working on, so would be glad to have you participate and provide your inputs..

Any honest, constructive comment is welcome as long as it relates to this blog and the topics covered and will help with the running of this blog..

I will try and respond on all your comments.. You can leave your comments either here in the comments column or if you want to send it to me privately please do so via email to


  1. Hi

    I would like to import a car form London to South africa Which agency is the best one to use.

    And the costs of shipping.


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