Happy Fathers Day Shippies………..

June 17th is Fathers Day in South Africa (and in some other parts of the world i believe).. May not be as big as Mothers Day, but still an important day in any Fathers life..

I saw below dedication which rang very true, so i thought i should share it with all of you..

Below is my dedication- from one shipping and freight FATHER to all shipping and freight FATHERS

  • FATHERS that brave pirate infested waters to get the precious cargo to wherever it needs to go
  • FATHERS that brave the hurricanes, typhoons and gale force winds to ensure that what we need reaches us on time
  • FATHERS that operate the giant RTG’s that carry the containers in and out of the ships
  • FATHERS that operate the cranes and derricks on board the ships and the straddlers on the shore
  • FATHERS that work long hours on the ships away from family and friends
  • FATHERS that drive the long distance trucks between the cities and the ports
  • FATHERS that wait in long queues to off-load or pick up the containers
  • FATHERS that sleep with the phone on the couch at home prepared for any operational emergencies at port so as not to wake up the kids
  • FATHERS that handle the lashing and unlashing on board the ship making sure that the cargo is properly secured
  • FATHERS that handle all the IT functionalities on shore and on board the ship ensuring the proper operation of the systems
  • ……………………………………

I could go on……….. but you get the idea – to ALL those FATHERS Keep up the good work and have a good Fathers Day.. As Loreal says – YOU ARE WORTH IT 🙂

PS : Apologies to all the Mothers for not posting something like this on Mother’s Day, but if i had only come across something like above :(..  But better late than never.. I salute all the Mothers in the industry as well for all the outstanding work that they are doing..

I have in fact posted a few articles about Women in shipping on this blog previously..

*** End of Article ***

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