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Happy Fathers Day 2014

Happy Fathers Day 2014

There are many fathers who are involved in shipping and freight, who dedicate their time to this industry and at times at the expense of time with their families and kids due to the work circumstances which can be extremely taxing at times..

To all those Fathers, you are the pillars of this industry and this blog salutes you and your efforts to keep this industry afloat (pun intended).. 

As I mentioned in my previous Fathers Day post

  • FATHERS that brave pirate infested waters to get the precious cargo to wherever it needs to go
  • FATHERS that brave the hurricanes, typhoons and gale force winds to ensure that what we need reaches us on time
  • FATHERS that operate the giant RTG’s that carry the containers in and out of the ships
  • FATHERS that operate the cranes and derricks on board the ships and the straddlers on the shore
  • FATHERS that work long hours on the ships away from family and friends
  • FATHERS that drive the long distance trucks between the cities and the ports
  • FATHERS that wait in long queues to off-load or pick up the containers
  • FATHERS that sleep with the phone on the couch at home prepared for any operational emergencies at port so as not to wake up the kids
  • FATHERS that handle the lashing and unlashing on board the ship making sure that the cargo is properly secured
  • FATHERS that handle all the IT functionalities on shore and on board the ship ensuring the proper operation of the systems
  • ……………………………………

Keep up the good work and have a good Fathers Day.. As Loreal says – YOU ARE WORTH IT :)

Why don’t you share what your kids might have said to you on this Fathers Day 2014..??

Here’s what my 9 year old daughter gave me..

Fathers day image

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