Global economy is stitched together by giant container ports

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Global giant ports

Global economy is stitched together by giant container ports, how..??

90% of the worlds trade is done by sea and this scale of trade can be achieved only through the massive contribution of these giant container ports..

Have a look at the connection visually on this very interesting site that I came across.. This site discusses how the global economy is connected together by the use of giant container ports around the world..

The interactive map on the site features clickable markers for the world’s 50 largest ports, which link six continents through countless shipping routes, ranked by size.. The thicker the shipping route, the larger its role in global trade..

The port summaries include data on the volume of TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units, based on a standard shipping container) each port sees annually. To get a true sense of each port’s size, browse the landscape via the embedded satellite maps.

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Cool isn’t it.. 🙂

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