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Get Informed Quickly: The world of shipping and freight in 50 Words

The shipping and freight industry has traditionally been slow to adapt to and use digital capabilities.

If you take the example of websites and other digital resources providing data, information and news related to the shipping and freight industry on the internet, there were only a handful of them a decade ago.

Fast forward to 2021, there are now thousands of websites sharing information and creating articles about the industry and its workings.

As per which powers 34% of all the websites on the internet, over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month with about 70 million new posts each month.

Of these, over 500 websites are created on WordPress alone every day and around 60-80 per day on other platforms like Shopify and Squarespace.

In 2012 there were less than 2 million blog posts every day and in 2020 just over 10 million blog posts have been published every day across all topics.

And perhaps, the most sobering statistic: five exabytes (or 5 billion billion bytes) of data could store all the words ever spoken by humans between the birth of the world and 2003. In 2011 alone, five exabytes of content were created every two days.

Based on these numbers, we could be excused if we miss out some very important things or salient happenings in our industry due to all the digital clutter that we face every day.

But if you are interested in identifying and consuming information related to shipping and freight that matters, help is at hand in the form of a nifty app that gives you a snapshot of the important information that you need in less than 50 words.

50 Words is the first app of its kind, dedicated to the businesses of shipping, freight, and logistics – covering different topics within the industry like ocean freight, trucking, last-mile, technology, maritime, air freight, weather reports, bunker updates, vessel tracking, etc.

50 Words curates snippets of information that are easily consumable, giving the reader the crux of the story in seconds.

If you are interested to read further, you can swipe right on the news card and it will take you to the long-form article/news story linked to the snippet.

This allows users to be on top of the happenings in the industry and be in a position to have an informed conversation with business partners, colleagues and customers.

The app is highly interactive, including polls on day-to-day topics under contention like effects of Brexit, tariff matters, opinion on government decisions etc.

The app gives you a true 360-degree coverage of a vertical, with even the smallest incident being reported – that is closest to your selected categories and business interests. It is as close to real-time as possible.

The app comes with push notifications, the settings for which can be controlled by the user, allowing them to:

  • Keep track of what’s new
  • View the title and short story without even going into the app (as a notification on the device’s locked screen)
  • Browse through notifications much like a news digest at the end of a long day and read only the most relevant stories

This app is designed for many of us who do not have the patience and time to read through long articles to get to the crux of the matter.

Charlie Pesti, a successful and well-known PR and marketing agency specializing in the logistics industry and already working with many leading logistics technology companies and service providers, is the brains behind this 50 Words app.

Personally, I can’t think of any better agency to have started this initiative as Charlie Pesti has a finger on the pulse of the logistics business when it comes to its marketing requirements and is able to move businesses in the right direction.

Click on the badges to download the app now.

50 Words App on Google Play - Shipping and Freight Resource

50 Words App on the App Store - Shipping and Freight Resource

This is a new app. We would appreciate any constructive feedback from the valued readers of Shipping and Freight Resource. Write to us at


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  1. Thank you very much for opportunity to upload the app and read it whenever I want. It gives me fresh idea for the future and current development of the industry.


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