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Freight and Trading Weekly – Celebrating 40 years

Freight and Trading Weekly, was the first Shipping and Freight related magazine that gave this blog a good exposure to the shipping world in South Africa.. This article is dedicated to FTW which turns 40 this year.. 

For those who might not know, FTW (as it is popularly known), is a weekly digital and print publication dedicated to publishing news articles, discussions, interviews and other general issues relating to Shipping, Freight and Trade covering most of what happens in the African continent..

Every night, while you are sleeping, the FTW news articles crawl into your Inbox, ready to greet you with the latest news when you get to work or get to check your email.. Reading the FTW Online News has become part of a daily ritual for many people like myself all over the world.. Being also a designer, I especially enjoy the new visually appealing look of their digital magazine which is published weekly..

Many shipping lines, ship owners, importers and exporters are all the more wiser about South Africa and Africa because of the varied articles of interest and day to day shipping activities covered in the FTW.. Their special features covering certain aspects of the industry like Project Cargoes or certain ports like Richards Bay or certain growing inland locations like Zambia are a big hit and a useful read for all people interested and involved in these areas..

My hearty congratulations to FTW for their first 40 years and looking forward to more successful ventures and publications.. To the wonderful people of FTW – Anton, Carmel, Joy, Gwen, Liesl (to name a few of the dedicated, fun, knowledgeable and professional bunch) – KUDOS and keep up the good work..

For those of you who don’t as yet have the privilege of reading this wonderful magazine, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the cover of their 40th year Celebration issue which I think is a masterpiece.. Well done FTW..


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