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Fluent Cargo’s comprehensive route planning features – A Video Product Review

The movement of goods across the vast oceans, seas, lakes, and inland waterways and connecting them to inland locations using trains and trucks is probably one of the most intricate of all processes in global trade..

Intricate, because such movement requires accurate planning to the minutest detail to ensure that the goods arrive on time to meet the trade requirements..

Route Planning isn’t just about finding the shortest distance between two points.. It is about understanding the nuances involved in getting the goods to the correct place using the best and most efficient route and modes of transport..

Enter Fluent Cargo, an all-in-one solution provider with a suite of tools like Route Planning, Port Finder, Shipping Schedules, and Carrier Directory aimed at transforming this intricate dance of cargo movement into a streamlined and elegant ballet.. You can view these tools in action through the below Video Product Review..

1. Optimized Route Planning

Every ocean route is laden with various variables from weather conditions and potential maritime traffic congestions to geopolitical issues and threats of piracy and as we have seen recently, even war..

By analyzing a myriad of real-time data, the route planning feature provides the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective routes.. Besides shortening transit times, this tool also champions fuel efficiency, which translates to both economic savings and a lighter carbon footprint..

2. Port Finder – The Geographical Matchmaker

With thousands of ports dotting the globe, each offering unique advantages how do you know which port is the closest and nearest to the final destination..?? Fluent Cargo’s Port Finder is like having a maritime consultant in your pocket providing a database of ports that suits your needs as close as possible.. It provides all the required information and links to the relevant ports as well..

3. Shipping Schedules – No More Guesswork

In maritime trade, time is money.. Any delay can upset the delicate balance of supply chains.. The Shipping Schedules feature brings predictability to this dynamic landscape by providing insights into sailing schedules, transit times, stopovers, and even carrier reliability metrics.. And with real-time updates, you’re always in the loop, ensuring your cargo is on time, every time..

4. Carrier Directory – Make Informed Choices

Choosing the right carrier can be an overwhelming exercise as sometimes there are too many choices or too less choices.. Fluent Cargo’s Carrier Directory is the definitive guide to make this crucial decision.. Customers can access comprehensive details including fleet specs and service routes.. Align your business needs with a carrier that matches your ethos.. After all, a shipment’s success hinges on a carrier’s efficiency and reliability..

Full range of tools

By seamlessly integrating these pivotal features, Fluent Cargo has made navigating route planning like a walk in the park.. To see how all these tools come together in an easy-to-access way, view the below video..

By integrating this wide range of tools into your business you can empower yourself to navigate the complex realm of transportation with ease and confidence..


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