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Flow of cargo in South Africa (import, export, transhipment)

I thought a graphical overview of the flow of cargo for import, export and transhipment will help the users.. So please see the image below.. In case the image is not clear when you print, here’s a pdf file to download..



  1. Is it possible to hold a consignment (FCL) under CIF terms at transshipment port ?
    for eg:
    One FCL container of Rice is being shipped from India to USA and transshipment port is Dubai
    so can we hold the container in Dubai for some time
    Reason might be consignee refuses to accept good so avoid Demurrage and can search new Buyer ?

  2. How to follow the types of cargo carried by ships
    , for example there ships carrying wheat or rice that were previously carrying iron or chemical fertilizer
    and how can i know that vessel is registered or not

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