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Which will be the first shipping line to have 100% smart containers..??

smart containers - shipping and freight resourceTechnology and innovation have created some amazing products which provide great benefits to global trade and the facilitators of global trade namely the Shipping, Freight, Maritime and Logistics industries..

The phenomenon called containerisation truly enabled globalisation, aided the development of global trade, created further innovations and possibilities in terms of smart ships and smart containers..

What are smart containers..??

Smart containers are containers which are equipped with sensors designed to provide real-time tracking of its location and movements.. Using this technology, whether you are a shipping line, customer or security agency, you can track the progress of your containers anywhere in the world, plan your equipment and stock inventory which could possibly lead to reduced costs..

Now imagine a scenario where 100% of the containers are smart..!!!

It’s not a myth, but something that could be a reality soon if Loginno, a Logistic Innovation company based in Israel has its way..

Loginno is the creator of Contopia™ Factor which is a competition, open for any shipping company operating a fleet of not more than 150,000 owned or leased containers..

As per Shachar Tal, Co-founder of Loginno, Contopia is a term used to describe a world where every shipping container is real-time IoT connected..

He further adds “We have a concrete project plan to demonstrate how Contopia could work for the entire logistics chain, and we would be honored if we could do it together.”

If you are a shipping company operating one line or more and operate a container fleet of no more than 150,000 owned or leased shipping containers, you qualify to participate in this competition..

contopia competition winner - shipping and freight resource

The grand prize..??

The winner of the competition will be propelled to the forefront of logistics innovation, receive glory and fame, and be the first shipping company to have its container fleet converted to 100% smart fleet.

So there you have it, if you are such a line, imagine how easy your customer’s lives would be when they are able to track all the movements of their containers..


As per Loginno, the companies participating in this competition will be required to submit a plan detailing how they will use Loginno‘s patented AGAM devices in their business.. The winner will be decided by a panel of industry experts and the winner will be propelled to the forefront, possibly becoming the face of logistics innovation..

Below is the roadmap to Contopia™..

contopia - smart containers - shipping and freight resource

A Loginno press release, revealed details of the partners involved in The Contopia Factor or TCF..

theDOCK, one of the leading global maritime innovation hubs, is a partner in TCF and as per Nir Gartzman, co-founder of theDOCK,

The benefits to the selected shipping company are huge. First and foremost, the selected shipping company will be forever etched in history as the first shipping company to go full digital on their container fleet, but not only that: creating Contopia will have a significant effect on the bottom line of that shipping company, decreasing operational costs, and gaining competitive advantages because of the upgraded services they could offer their customers.

theDOCK is part of a group of Contopia partners, all innovation leaders and market leaders in their space, such as Lloyd’s Register (leader of the classification and marine services market), Sunwoda (electronics manufacturing giant) and IAI (defense innovation leader), with more to be unveiled soon, said the press release..

Dr.Rami Pugatch, one of the leading operations researchers at the department of industrial engineering and management at BGU, also a TCF partner said “We are going to create a unique sandbox, previously unseen in the marine sector, in which many Contopia use cases could be tested in real-life scenarios.”

Some of the use cases include the onboarding of scale-less weight measurement, SOLAS VGM compliant, the development of a “Cyber Seal” certificate to replace a container’s physical seal, as well as use cases in operational optimization, supply chain management, smart cargo insurance and frictionless country borders.”

The shipping industry is ripe for disruption and for a dramatic technological upgrade,” said Shachar Tal.

Loginno co-founder Amit Aflalo adds: “The Contopia Factor serves shipping companies with an offer they can’t refuse: a package of competitive advantages, profitability improvements and the halo of being a true innovator. I don’t know of any eligible shipping company who would miss such an opportunity.

In his article on LinkedIn, Lars Jensen summarised this quite well where he says

I for one will be very interested in seeing how this will unfold, and which container line will be chosen to be the first one to have a 100% digitally enabled fleet of containers.

As I see it, the true challenge is not the technological one of installing the hardware and interconnecting all these IoT devices. The true challenge will be for the chosen carrier to develop new commercial abilities and offerings based upon the new opportunities, as well as for the shippers to identify the commercial opportunities for them in leveraging these new abilities.

We eagerly await the results of this competition towards the end of March 2019..

The Contopia Factor competition is open for proposals by eligible shipping companies until mid-March 2019 at http://bit.ly/Contopia..


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