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Fire on board the Yantian Express under control

On the 4th of Jan 2019, we reported that there was a fire on board the Yantian Express.. Here is an update on the current situation on the ship..

On 3 January, a fire broke out in one container on the deck of the “Yantian Express” and spread to additional containers..

Efforts to extinguish the fire have made continuous progress under the direction of the salvage company Smit and in cooperation with the Hapag-Lloyd crew on the scene as well as Hapag-Lloyd’s emergency-response team in Hamburg.. These combined efforts have allowed the fire to be largely contained and brought under control..

On 9th Jan 2019, evening, a Hapag-Lloyd crew of five safely transferred back from the ocean-going tug “Smit Nicobar” to the “Yantian Express”..

As per Hapag Lloyd, The “Yantian Express” is currently being towed at a slow speed by the “Maersk Mobiliser” and continues to be about 800 nautical miles off the coast of Canada..

A third ocean-going tug is on its way to the “Yantian Express” and is expected to begin assisting the activities on 13 January..

Yantian Express fire
Yantian Exress – File Photo

At this time, it is not possible to make a precise estimate of any damage to the “Yantian Express” or its cargo but Hapag-Lloyd is working in close cooperation with all relevant authorities to ascertain the damages and will report on the same in due course..

The 7,510 TEU “Yantian Express”, which is 320 meters long and sails under German flag in the East Coast Loop 5 (EC5) service, was built in 2002 and was on its way from Colombo to Halifax via the Suez Canal..

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