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Final report of Key Trade Documents and Data Elements (KTDDE) ready to be launched

As we all know, global trade involves several documents and data, such as invoices, packing lists, certificates, transport documents, and more.. While these documents and data are used all over the world to execute global trade, they come in different formats which can make trade slower and more complicated in some cases..

The Key Trade Documents and Data Elements (KTDDE) project and Working Group was set up by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Digital Standards Initiative (ICC DSI) to standardize these documents and data by creating a set of rules so that everyone – from small businesses to big corporations – can understand and use the same formats globally..

Just as English is a common language used in most global communications, KTDDE aims to create a ‘universal language’ for trade documents making it easier for companies in different countries to do business with each other..

KTDDE Final Report

As part of this initiative by ICC’s DSI, the KTDDE working group analyzed 36 key trade documents through an intensive 18-month period and is now ready to release its Final Report..

The launch of this KTDDE Final Report is scheduled to take place at Commodity Trading Week Europe under a Special Session titled “Documents to Data: Unveiling the complete framework for digitalising global supply chains, end to end” and will be launched by Pamela Mar, Stephan Wolf, Robert Beideman and Henri Barthel..

The launch will happen between 9 am-9.25 am BST / 10 am-10.25 am CEST / 4 pm-4.25 pm SGT on the 24th of April 2024 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium in London..

In addition to the final report which covers 36 documents, a comprehensive trade document analysis, and a data glossary have also been developed by the Working Group all of which will be available on the ICC DSI website after the launch..

This final resource will be accessible as an interactive web tool, serve educational purposes, and act as a facilitator for applications geared towards advancing supply chain digitalization..

KTDDE to unify global trade digitally

The KTDDE project, supported by over 50 leading organizations and experts in global trade and shipping (including myself), goes beyond just changing trade documentation.. It’s a significant move toward creating a unified system that allows for interoperability and secure data sharing across all sectors..

The 36 essential trade documents covered in the KTDDE project were identified in the WTO-UNCITRAL-UNESCAP Cross-border Paperless Trade Toolkit making it a robust guide for those interested in digitalizing processes in B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2G (Business-to-Government) contexts..

The launch of the KTDDE Final Report will emphasize the transformative impact of digitalizing the global supply chain.. The launch will highlight KTDDE’s role in creating a clear, integrated vision for digital trade while advocating for the immediate implementation of globally aligned data standards across public and private sectors..

The initiative underscores its collaborative and inclusive approach, merging efforts of various global entities to end the era of fragmentation and push for the widespread adoption of digital standards..

This collaborative momentum aims to foster digital trust at scale by securely sharing data, continued education, and alignment to ensure that business sectors and economies can benefit from these advancements in trade digitalization..

The ongoing goal of KTDDE is to maintain this momentum and further enhance interoperability through the adoption of global data standards, ensuring a seamless and secure digital trade environment..

Support the adoption of the KTDDE final report

The KTDDE Final Report is more than a document.. It is a call to action for all stakeholders in the global trade ecosystem to adopt and implement the KTDDE and move the ecosystem toward a digitized, unified, and efficient future..

All stakeholders can support and promote the KTDDE within their ecosystems to achieve widespread adoption by

  • Featuring the KTDDE report at events, webinars, or industry publications
  • Utilizing individual and group networks to disseminate the information to spread awareness about the report’s implications for sectors such as finance and regulation

You can refresh your memory on how the KTDDE works, with this short video of the KTDDE Working Group (which also features yours truly)..

As a proud and privileged member of the KTDDE Working group, I firmly believe that the ICC DSI’s initiative is not just a step but a major leap towards bridging the gap between standards and their adoption within the industry, marking a new era toward an efficient and unified global trade ecosystem..

Well done to all my co-members in the working group and leadership of the ICC DSI and KTDDE on this achievement..

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