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“Balance technology with critical thinking and experience” – Abe Eshkenazi, ASCM

  • ASCM embraces the responsibility of making supply chains a force for good
  • Companies need to build resilient supply chains to operate despite disruptions
  • Balance technology with critical thinking and real-world experience

The world of supply chain management has progressed in leaps and bounds over the years.. Supply chain professionals solve a plethora of problems on a daily basis, ensuring that customers receive their goods in the right place at the right time and at the right price..

They must maintain high levels of service to ensure competitive advantage in their business.. Such skills do not come just like that.. It requires lots of training and a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of supply chain and its management..

ASCM to the rescue

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) offers wide-ranging programs and services, helping organizations achieve new levels of success by supplying the standards, tools, and resources needed to develop this understanding and recognize weaknesses, implement measurable tactics, and optimize teams to lead the marketplace of tomorrow..

Shipping and Freight Resource caught up with Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of ASCM to understand how ASCM is assisting the industry and how they help in end-to-end professional development and education offerings in supply chain and logistics..

ASCM offers wide-ranging programs and services, helping organizations achieve new levels of success by supplying the standards, tools, and resources needed to recognize weaknesses, implement measurable tactics, and optimize teams to lead the marketplace of tomorrow..

SFR: Welcome to this edition of Executive Insights Abe.. Could you share some of the vision and background of ASCM..?? What was the genesis of the organization..??

Abe Eshkenazi: About 60 to 70 years ago, several individuals recognized that the supply chain industry lacked formal academic curriculums and professional recognition. Initially, our focus was on developing the body of knowledge for supply chain professionals.

Over time, we realized the need to ensure that these professionals contribute to organizational performance, sustainability, and economic and environmental standards.

Today, ASCM embraces the responsibility of making supply chains a force for good, impacting global economies, ecologies, and consumers.

SFR: Given the rise in popularity of supply chain management, especially due to COVID-19, what are some current challenges in global supply chain management..??

Abe Eshkenazi: The pandemic highlighted several issues. We lacked visibility into the extended supply chain, often knowing only our tier-one suppliers.

There was insufficient transparency and accurate data for forecasting and meeting demand. Traceability was also limited.

Today, our focus is on building resiliency to operate despite disruptions, considering global issues like tariffs, wars, environmental concerns, and ethical issues.

Supply chain professionals now face responsibilities beyond just delivering products—they need to ensure sustainability and resilience.

SFR: Speaking of resilience, there’s a belief that digital technologies enhance supply chain resilience and agility. What’s your view on that..??

Abe Eshkenazi: Accurate and relevant data is crucial for matching supply and demand and meeting customer expectations.

Digital transformation is necessary for resiliency, integrating digital capabilities across all partners in the supply chain. However, this introduces cybersecurity risks, especially with smaller partners lacking robust protocols.

While digital technology is essential, we must ensure cybersecurity and protect information as we enable the digital frontier.

SFR: Are there specific technologies that ASCM supports or advocates for its members..??

Abe Eshkenazi: We’re agnostic to specific technologies. The real challenge is ensuring individuals understand the power of technology. We need to balance technology with critical thinking and real-world experience.

AI and machine learning have been part of supply chains for years. Embracing technology is vital, but we must also invest in talent to maximize its value.

SFR: Are you excited to discuss these innovative trends at your North American conference in September..??

Abe Eshkenazi: Absolutely. We’re seeing a lot of innovation in supply chains, from autonomous vehicles to AI. The interconnectedness of global supply chains is more apparent than ever.

Our conference will showcase innovative solutions and the global aspects of supply chains, allowing attendees to benchmark their organizations against industry standards.

SFR: Could you elaborate more on the specifics of ASCM Connect USA and what attendees can expect from the event..??

Abe Eshkenazi: Certainly. ASCM Connect USA is set to be a significant event for the supply chain community, bringing together professionals from various sectors.

One of the key highlights is the Innovation Hub, where exhibitors can showcase their cutting-edge solutions.

This interactive space allows attendees to engage deeply with the latest technologies and innovations, fostering a hands-on experience rather than just receiving information passively.

We also have Connection Cafes, which are interactive workshops designed to help attendees address specific problems by collaborating with peers and experts.

These sessions are invaluable for gaining insights and solutions from those who have faced similar challenges.

The social events at ASCM Connect USA provide ample opportunities for networking, allowing professionals to build relationships and share experiences in a more informal setting.

Additionally, the facility tours are always a big draw. They offer attendees a chance to see how leading organizations implement supply chain solutions in real-world settings.

These tours are not just educational but also inspirational, showing the practical application of theories and technologies discussed during the conference.

SFR: What are some pressing issues you’ll address at ASCM Connect USA..??

Abe Eshkenazi: We’ll focus on several critical areas, including resiliency, sustainability, and agility. Resiliency is about ensuring business continuity regardless of disruptions.

Agility involves leveraging disruptions to gain market share and respond more effectively to consumer needs. We’ll also delve into the latest advancements in digital tools and platforms, which are essential for better forecasting and meeting demand signals.

Talent and leadership development will be another major focus. The evolving role of supply chain professionals now includes ensuring organizational resilience and sustainability.

We need to equip these professionals with the skills and knowledge to meet these new demands. Our sessions will cover the latest trends and provide practical advice on how to develop and retain top talent in the industry.

SFR: As a member-driven organization, what benefits can ASCM members expect from participating in ASCM Connect USA..??

Abe Eshkenazi: Our members can expect a wealth of benefits from participating in ASCM Connect USA. The Innovation Hub will be a standout feature, allowing exhibitors to showcase cutting-edge solutions.

Connection Cafes and interactive workshops will offer practical, problem-solving opportunities. Social events will enable networking and relationship-building among peers facing similar challenges.

The conference app will facilitate remote and in-person connections, making it easier for attendees to engage with one another. Facility tours will provide insights into how leading organizations are implementing innovative solutions, offering practical examples of theory in action.

SFR: Can you briefly explain some of the special features of ASCM’s programs and how they differ from other industry offerings..??

Abe Eshkenazi: Our certifications, such as Certified Planning and Inventory Management and Certified Supply Chain Professional, are industry standards. They are developed through job task analyses with companies to ensure they meet real-world needs.

These certifications are application-based, allowing individuals to implement solutions immediately.

Our programs are designed to have a direct impact on both individuals and their organizations. The content is practical and can be applied immediately, providing a measurable return on education.

This focus on practical application and immediate impact sets our programs apart from more theoretical or academic offerings.

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