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BOXBAY – A high rise container storage solution by DP World

shipping and freight news - shipping and freight resourceDP World who are well known for their container terminal operations around the world has come up with an innovative solution designed to transform the way containers are handled in container terminals..

In this day and age where the urban world is facing space constraints in terms of land, whether it is buildings or container terminal storage, the only way seems to be UP..

A new joint venture between global trade enabler DP World and industrial engineering specialists, SMS Group has done just that by launching BOXBAY – a new high bay container storage system that will transform the way containers are handled in the ports it operates in..

“BOXBAY” is a new and intelligent High Bay Storage (HBS) system which is expected to be ready in time for the Dubai Expo 2020 with a pilot project scheduled at Jebel Ali Terminal 4 a media release by DP World said..

The patented design and rack structure of the BOXBAY system is designed to create unique advantages to a port or terminal by storing containers up to eleven stories high, delivering the capacity of a conventional terminal in a third of the surface area..

High Bay Storage (HBS) systems is a disruptive technology that stacks each container in an individual rack, making each one directly accessible instead of stacking containers directly on top of each other, which is how it has been done globally for decades..

Using this system, the storage capability of the terminal is immediately enhanced by stacking containers as high as 11 tiers.. This fully automated process, eliminates unpaid and unproductive reshuffling within the terminals as there will be direct access to each container..

I am sure you may have received calls from truckers waiting at the ports, terminals or container depots saying that containers are deep in the stack and hence there is a delay in the placement of containers etc.. These delays may be avoided using the BOXBAY..

Here is an animation of how the BOXBAY will work..

BOXBAY is also said to assist with the handling speed, energy efficiency, safety and also provide a major reduction in operating costs for the terminals concerned..

As per DP World, this joint venture brings together decades of experience in container terminal logistics at DP World and AMOVA’s high bay storage handling for metal products that weigh as much as 50 tons each in racks as high as 50 meters..

BOXBAY will present its technology and operator business cases for the first time in public at the Terminal Operator Conference (TOC Europe) in Rotterdam in June..

DP World Group Chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said: “We continue to explore new technologies that push boundaries, disrupt and add value for our operations and customers. We are excited by the prospects for BOXBAY as handling speed and efficiencies are key aspects of the ports and terminals business and the system is a major development for the sector around the world. We look forward to the technology being installed especially in readiness for Expo 2020.

Dr. Mathias Dobner, CEO of BOXBAY, said: “With our BOXBAY High Bay Storage technology, we are introducing a revolutionary system that will disrupt global port logistics. Following the world’s operators’ tremendous interest in our joint venture, we are now looking forward to showcase our solution to them in person.

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO of SMS group, said: “The BOXBAY system is a direct result of our “New Horizon” strategy, in which SMS transfers proven technology from the metallurgical sector to other industries.

As per DP World, the BOXBAY system is set to create major advantages for greenfield and brownfield terminals..

Greenfield sites are usually undeveloped areas within or outside a city, most likely on agricultural land which can be used for the construction of many commercial projects including container terminals..

As these are open spaces, terminal operators have design flexibility for meeting project requirements including incorporating projects like BOXBAY, room to expand for future growth and construction could typically be faster due to no obstructive infrastructure..

Brownfield sites on the other hand may be existing or old, underutilized ports and terminals that need to be redeveloped to become productive projects.. In this case, terminal operators may not have the same flexibility as greenfield sites, but projects like BOXBAY could fit right in..

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  1. Indeed boxbay solution is an innovative idea. It will simplify handling on economical terms. I see its development in future.


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