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Difference in HBL and MBL dates

Question asked by sutjiadi gunawan – stdgnw

Ask your question here..: if we have MBL with dated 23 Jan 2013, HBL 24 Jan 2013 and we have COO/Form AK-Korea w/ 24 Jan 2013 and the Manifest BC 1.1 at Bea Cukai 23 Jan 2013…………is it the problem for customs clearance?

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Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiar
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  1. Hi all,
    – As per shipping line (streamline/ main carrier): it’s forbiden to backdate /show date which is not as actual loading/sailing date.
    – AS per F/F (NVOCC) , it’s sometimes exceptional to show HBL date differently compared with MBL date.
    The reason for such discrepancy:
    1. Shipper request us (F/F) to show such info due to some relevant document.
    2. AS per docs instruction /LC
    3. Due to some cases of delay vsl that the Master give us late notice.
    But the most important:SHipper has to be responsible for such request by Letter of Guarantee to ask us to show such info.

    We used to have many backdate cases , all are ok now.
    I can share some experiences with all of you, if any.

    • Hi I am facing the same problem of back date in an L/C process I provided documents from my f/f to the issuing bank , on the certificate of origin and certificate of conformity it says shipping date 6/12, and a name of a vessel however on the b/l it says shipping date 6/19 and a different vessel name?!!!
      Note : the container was ready for loading prior to 6/12 but was delayed to catch another vessel few days later.

      I need a legal explanation for this discrepancy to the issuing bank.

  2. Hi Sutjiadi, the HBL and MBL should be an exact replica of each other except for the shipper/consignee/notify details.. This includes the bill of lading date.. the HBL date should follow the MBL date.. This is most important for the issuer of the HBL in terms of insurance coverage..

    Please also read my previous articles in this regard



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