Difference between storage and overstay

One of my readers had a question ” Can you please explain the difference between storage and overstay “..

Simply put,

Overstay is the process of moving uncleared containers into a customs bonded/authorised depot for storage purposes till the consignee is ready to clear the container and take delivery.. This is generally done after the expiry of the standard free days offered at the port of discharge.. This is done by the shipping line concerned..

This term is used in South Africa.. It maybe called other names in other countries..

Storage is the charge that is levied by either the port (if cargo is not cleared after the respective free days at the port) or by the shipping line if the cargo goes into overstay and is stored at a depot..

Also read https://www.shippingandfreightresource.com/2009/02/10/import-overstay-process/ for further clarification..

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  1. If container is cleared before the vessel arrives but stop by customs for examination. Is this regarded as overstay cargo. From my knowledge overstay is only referred to containers that are not cleared within the prescribed free period


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