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Difference between Cargo dues, Tonnage dues & port dues

What is the difference between Cargo Dues, Tonnage Dues and Port Dues..??

Cargo Dues – abbreviated to read CD – (also known as Wharfage in some countries) is a fee levied by TNPA (Transnet Port Authority) to the users (exporters, importers or shipping lines) for using the port facilities for movement of the cargo through it.. This fee is generally fixed and published in a tariff by TNPA for a year (April to March) and whatever tariff is ruling at the time of the shipment will apply..

It is the responsibility of the Shipping lines to ensure that the CD is paid by their client to the port failing which the line will be liable for the same..

Tonnage Dues : This is a charge paid by the vessel operator to a port for the usage of the port.. This is usually calculated on the net registered tonnage of the ship as per the tonnage certificate issued for that ship.. This is generally charged by the port to maintain their infrastructure and entry channels and facilities used thereof like buoys, moorings..

Port Dues : This is a charge levied by the port to all ships entering the port till the time it leaves the port.. This is generally calculated on the gross registered tonnage of the ship as per the tonnage certificate issued for that ship.. Each port has its own methodology of charging such port dues..


  1. A ship is billed Pilotage charges, pilot attendance charges, Berth Hire, Anchorage charges etc. Then what are Port Dues charged for?

  2. Hi, Could you please explain a little more about tonnage dues & who is liable to pay for this ?
    The seller / the Buyer / Vessel Agent / Owner….

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