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COVID-19 Pandemic – Supply Chain impact survey and results

COVID-19 pandemic survey - Ocean Insights

If you are from the Supply Chain industry and are active in global shipping and logistics we need your assistance and professional insights..

As we have seen, the COVID-19 pandemic that came into the limelight in December 2019 has now spread to every country around the world.. This has caused major economic and social disruptions with far reaching impacts on global supply chains..

This has proven to be a big moment in history and an expensive learning curve for everyone as no single country was effectively prepared to handle the impact of this pandemic on the entire supply chain..

But the pandemic is not yet over and it is important to keep the transport links open especially in the heavily affected areas in order that essential and life saving goods reach the people in need particularly for the medical and social fraternity..

Supply Chain currently is the one industry that is bringing the world together but obviously we need a unified approach to fight this pandemic..

In order to achieve this unified approach and to help this community/industry, we need your assistance and professional insights.. Your insights will help us to help you in understanding more about the pandemic and how we as an industry can all work together to get through this pandemic as soon as possible..

We have set up a short survey sponsored by Ocean Insights –  The Container Tracking Data Provider to analyze the Impact on the industry and its Preparedness to the COVID-19 pandemic.. Your responses to the survey are imperative in determining the way forward for global supply chains..

Below survey is now closed and here are the results of the survey..



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