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Karachi port operations suspended due to collision of ships

Karachi port operations suspended due to collision of ships

Port operations were halted at Karachi port on Monday the 19th March 2018 after two ships – the Tolten and Hamburg Bay – both belonging to Hapag Lloyd collided at the South Asia Port Terminal..

In what appears to be a collision (or maybe even an allision) during berthing, the Tolten is seen brushing the Hamburg Bay and blocks of containers from the Tolten is seen falling into the water like Lego bricks..

As per unverified estimates as much as 21 containers including a few reefer containers have fallen into the water..

There has been no damage to the gantries at the berth which will probably make the salvage operations easier..

Some of these containers are reportedly said to be carrying imported cars..


  1. I watched the video. It is a bad situation. No life was lost.

    May I ask when the salvage operation would commence ? I would like to watch the salvage operation.

    Kind regards,

    • Karachi Port Trust (KPT) commenced an operation today to recover shipping containers.. Two cranes of the KPT are busy recovering the containers, assisted by divers of the Pakistan Navy and recovery operation is likely to span over a period of two to three days..

  2. It is one of the dangerous ports to maneuver due to erratic current and even worse during monsoon. But the actual facts still not known yet that could be several like misjudgement of the pilot and the master or both or the tugs efficiencies ie power or the lack of communication or the competencies of the…….ie award or obtaining the service or equivalency of COC. Its very unfortunate to happen in the deepest port of Asia.

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