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CargoX and CEBS launch partnership to help customers migrate from TradeLens

Businesses that started using TradeLens for their electronic bill of lading have been scrambling to migrate their electronic trade document processing to a new platform since TradeLens unexpectedly announced the end of its service in December 2022.

CargoX, the provider of the fastest-growing electronic trade document platform, and CEBS Worldwide, a global integrator of business solutions and a former TradeLens integrator, have today launched a partnership to help corporations overcome this problem continue the digitalization of their bills of lading and trade document workflows.

The new partnership provides existing customers of the discontinued TradeLens platform with a proven, reliable and powerful alternative for creating, transferring, and processing electronic bills of lading and trade documents.

CEBS and CargoX will provide former TradeLens users with a frictionless transition of their workflows on the TradeLens platform by integrating the platform features through CEBS’s framework interfaces.

The migration of businesses takes just a fraction of the effort that would be needed to adopt new technology for the digitalization of eB/L and other trade documents.

CEBS will start migrating current TradeLens customers to their Supply Chain Finance platform and the CargoX Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) Platform for electronic trade document exchange.

This is accomplished by using CEBS’s middleware cloud and on-premise platform to help organizations effortlessly leverage different public blockchains in their enterprise applications, saving time and money. This way, companies can become future-proof and fully blockchain platform agnostic.

Companies can keep their everyday workflows and introduce CargoX’s optimized, tightly integrated blockchain document transfer features into their existing processes.

CEBS Worldwide, innovators of unconventional solutions, is deeply involved in the supply chain industry as core experts for digital transformation in verticals, including government, ports and customs authorities, retail, manufacturing, telco, BFSI, travel and tourism, and education and learning.

They help brands and organizations achieve digital transformation and reinvention by enabling digital information sharing and fostering collaboration and trust.

CargoX is actively collaborating with leading global industry bodies and organizations to provide a modern set of standards and legislation that could remove friction in global trade.

It observes and contributes to the main global initiatives for digitalizing global trade, electronic transfer records, and fraud prevention.

CargoX has established relationships with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), FIATA, BIMCO, DTLF EU, INATBA, World Customs Organizations, and others.

We are committed to digitalizing the supply chain network for all trading partners and ensuring all transactions and documents exchanged are secure, traceable, and immutable,” said Satish Swaroop, CEO, CEBS Worldwide.

We have good partnerships and teams working with the public and private sector to shape the future and usher in a new era of global trade that is both frictionless and compliant.” added Swaroop.

We are incredibly proud to welcome CEBS as our new partner. They are a true innovator in the market, binding together diverse solutions and platforms to build customer value,” said Stefan Kukman, CEO, of CargoX.

The digitalization of trade documentation is in full swing worldwide, and companies need all the support and advice they can get to implement the optimum solutions into their everyday workflows. We see demand rising daily, and more than 104,000 companies registered on our platform prove that the CargoX Platform is becoming a standard item in the toolboxes of modern supply chain participants.” added Kukman.

About CEBS Worldwide

CEBS Worldwide is a global IT company dedicated to developing products and providing services for customers worldwide. Expertise with dedication has culminated in CEBS delivering successful projects and satisfying customers. CEBS provides solutions in software product engineering, e-commerce, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, digital learning, and blockchain. The company is building a unique customer experience relevant to engagement, product, and transactions: the CEBS team is dedicated to consulting, designing, and implementing solutions across all channels for their customers worldwide.

About CargoX

The CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) helps governmental entities and economic operators worldwide exchange electronic trade documents instantly and cost-efficiently in the supply chain, finance, manufacturing, trading, energy, and services industries. More than 104,000 companies trust the CargoX Platform with their trade documents. CargoX is authorized as the blockchain document transfer gateway service provider to the Government of Egypt. The platform is approved by the IGP&I clubs.

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