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Hello, this is your Captain speaking

shipping and freight news - shipping and freight resourceHello, this is your Captain speaking“..

No, this is not the voice of your airline pilot..

If all goes well as planned, this will be Captain Peter communicating with you about your smart containers..

Captain Peter (perhaps inspired by Arnold Peter Møller or Peter Mærsk Møller ??) is Maersk Line’s virtual assistant which will be incorporated into their Remote Container Management (RCM) platform in 2019..

Every time you read something like this, you cannot but wonder how this phenomenon called containerisation has truly enabled globalisation, aided the development of global trade, created further innovations and possibilities in terms of smart ships and smart containers..

Just a quick recap on what are smart containers..

Smart containers are containers which are equipped with sensors designed to provide real-time tracking of their location and movements..

Using this technology, whether you are a shipping line, customer or security agency, you can track the progress of your containers anywhere in the world, plan your equipment and stock inventory which could possibly lead to reduced costs..

So how will Captain Peter work..??

In 2017, Maersk Line introduced Remote Container Management (RCM), a groundbreaking innovation in refrigerated technology, which allowed the user to monitor the conditions inside the reefer container from the moment the goods are locked inside, right up to delivery at their final destination..

The RCM uses data to make smart decisions on the journey, like diverting the container to a different destination etc..

Maersk Line RCM - Remote Container Management - Shipping and Freight Resource

The location tracking feature of RCM allows you to track your container at all time and can tell you how many days the container has been in motion which in turns helps you in determining the true shelf life of your goods.. It also provides a location record in cases of theft and tampering..

With RCM, you can also check that your cargo was kept at the exact settings you requested throughout its entire journey..

Remote Container Management is promised to bring you peace of mind especially when shipping fresh, frozen or pharmaceutical cargo – eliminating the risk of unexpected surprises when the container is opened upon arrival..

Maersk Line is adding further technical improvements to simplify the processes integrated into the Remote Container Management (RCM) platform and is currently testing the same with a group of select customers..

In the first half of 2019, Maersk will release the new platform with a revamped design and new product features which will be enhanced by a virtual assistant named Captain Peter..

Our goal is for the RCM product to look and feel like your favourite smartphone app. There is still a lot of paperwork and difficult processes in global trade. Captain Peter will help take care of some of this complexity, by seamlessly engaging with the customer from end to end in the supply chain,” explains Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, Head of Global Reefer Management at Maersk.

Captain Peter - RCM Virtual Assistant - Shipping and Freight Resource

As per Maersk Line, in the beginning, Captain Peter will follow some simple rules, sending up-to-date information via customers’ preferred channel, for example, SMS or e-mail, on container temperature and atmosphere conditions, as well as a timeline on its end-to-end journey..

Should any deviations be observed, or the shipment is delayed, Captain Peter will notify the customer..

Once the container has arrived at its destination, Captain Peter will also check on its state and send an update to the customer.. In time, customers will receive information configured to their specific needs..

The RCM technology makes a reefer’s location, temperature, humidity and power status easily available to the customer..

Should any issues be detected, the customer can alert his supplier or have the shipment checked by local surveyors, potentially saving the customer millions of dollars in lost cargo..

With the number of active users of the RCM platform constantly growing, the aspiration is for Captain Peter to gather enough information to be able to predict potential cargo damage and provide configuration suggestions before containers are shipped,” concludes Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen.

As of today, over 2,300 customers have signed up for the RCM solution, translating to more than 70% of Maersk’s reefer volume..


Fun with Captain Peter

Captain Peter - RCM Virtual Assistant - Shipping and Freight Resource

I noticed this image on the left associated with Captain Peter and the virtual assistant..

While I am not sure if the image is from Maersk, I was wondering what you would want Captain Peter to look like..??

Could he look like any of the below Captains..??


Just for fun, will you cast a vote and tell me which number you would like Captain Peter to be..??

Captain Peter - RCM Virtual Assistant - Shipping and Freight Resource

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. RCM is a tremendous advance in technology that not only enhances supply chain experience but also enables precision of merchandise inventorying for the shipper. In due course, RCM may be expanded to dry containers as well whereby the technology covers the full ambit of global liner cargo trade.


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